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Geoff Nate’s Blog Ten:  “Tobacco Tales”


Gil Nathanson and Pipe

Gilbert Nathanson
Father of the Year… Every Year

Jen and I have decided to end the year 2013 with our tenth Blog. “Tobacco Tales” chronicles Geoff Nate’s non-smoking super-senior lifetime adventures with the wicked weed and those that sell, buy and indulge.

Chapter 1: “Cigar Stories”… The early life of a non-smoking boy from a family of smokers that sell what they smoke.  [Open]

Chapter 2: “Tobacco History”… Chewed, sniffed or smoked, the habit dates back to the time of Columbus.  [Open]

Chapter 3: “Adventures of a Tobacco Salesman”… Young Geoff Nate tries his hand at selling the product to those who make a living selling the habit.  [Open]

Chapter 4:  “Smoking: Perils and Politics”…  Tobacco kills. All it took was 600 years to figure that out.  [Open]


Readers are invited to comment on any article featured in Geoff’s Blog. A box at the conclusion of each segment is provided to encourage reader responses. Negative comments will, of course, be ignored.


Access to all previous blog articles can be found under the archive heading above or by clicking here:   (Archives)

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